Eat. Everything. Sauced.


What’s that cliche we’re always hearing? That “our differences make the world go ‘round”? While I couldn’t agree more, it is also our differences that cause the worst kinds of conflict we encounter and witness every day. Religion, politics and the economy are topics always in dispute, and every side’s argument is on constant display for the world to see. The idea that any group could find common ground is an idea that seems to be lost. Have we really reached a point in which humans have nothing in common but their physiology?

During a recent meal with company that spanned four different religions, three political affiliations and five different ethnicities, it came to my attention that the human race does, in fact, still have one thing in common — we all love sauce.

The term “sauce” is an all-encompassing term. It has no bias or strict cuisine affiliation. It does not belong to any specific region of the world, and the plated, bowled, or skewered item it sprinkles, showers or drowns does not own it. Sauce is an equal opportunist. Its commitment is always on our terms, should we choose it to be partial or full. It consists of different ingredients, but allows for a peaceful environment in which they can coexist.

Sauce is global, spreading itself thin — or thick — across all seven continents. It is the essential part of almost every desired dish on the planet. Sauce has personality and reaches different demographics depending on how it feels. It may be a fondue on Saturday’s date, a condiment paired with that overcooked burger at Friday night’s bar or even a thick and hearty stew on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Sauce is anything and everything you want it to be. It is the arroz con pollo a la chorrera, the tangy and acidic laksa at your favorite Malaysian restaurant, the spicy Caesar dressing on your steakhouse caesar and the curry drizzle on your Indian-inspired chicken.

Sauce is everything to everybody, whether he or she knows it or not. It is the undisputed common factor shared by the entire human race.

Sweet. Savory. Spicy.

Eat. Everything. Sauced.


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